Matt Rydstrom: A Bright Future

Matt Rydstrom: A Bright Future

Matt Rydstrom had never had a job and didn’t have much manual labor experience before joining the Western Colorado Conservation Corps (WCCC). But after six months with youth corps, he found that the opportunity gave him a new perspective on life – and valuable skills to boot.

Eddica Tuttle: Education a Driving Force

Eddica Tuttle: Education a Driving Force

Originally from Salt Lake City, Eddica Tuttle is a highly motivated 22-year-old who values education above all else. Education is “the driving force behind everything I do,” she says.

Rimma and Elizabeth: Young Transplants from Ukraine Find Rewards in Youth Corps

Rimma and Elizabeth: Young Transplants from Ukraine Find Rewards in Youth Corps

Rimma and Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) came from the Ukraine two years ago to live with their adoptive family in Longmont. Despite not speaking any English at the time, the girls, now 16, are fluent in English and have completely immersed themselves in American culture and life. That includes developing a love for the Colorado landscape, their new homeland. This summer Rimma and Lizzie spent eight weeks with the Boulder County Youth Corps where they completed forestry work at Button Rock Preserve, in the foothills west of Longmont. One of their tasks was to move large logs and stack them for trucks that would place them at camp sites.

Justin Quintana-Scott

Justin Quintana-Scott: Paying it Forward

When Justin Quintana-Scott’s home in Beulah, Colo. was destroyed in a fire in January 2012, he lost not only his house, but his two dogs as well. The mountain community of Beulah came forward in support by holding a fundraiser and erecting a memorial – gestures Justin will never forget. He is repaying his community’s kindness in part through his involvement with Mile High Youth Corps-Pueblo.

Kyle Sullivan: An Eye for Environmental Education

At a young age, Kyle Sullivan, a 2011 Corpsmember of the Year, knew he would be involved in the outdoors one way or another. Raised on the Front Range, Kyle has long enjoyed hiking and exploring nature. “The only thing better than being in nature is capturing it with my camera,” he likes to joke. His love for the outdoors led him to youth corps. For two summers, Kyle developed the Weld County Youth Conservation Corps’ (WCYCC) environmental education offerings.

Janari McCampbel MHYC-CS

Janari McCampbel: A Constant Positive Force

Janari “J.J.” McCampbel knew at just 17 years old that he wanted a job that would allow him to do something “physical” and act on his passion for restoring the environment. He went to Mile High Youth Corps looking for such a job – and with the encouragement of a crewleader who saw Janari’s potential, Janari was soon on his way to fulfilling his wish. By the end of his first season in 2010, Janari had learned new skills, taken on responsibilities for work he’d never done before, and exceeded all of his crewleader’s expectations.

Samuel Vasquez MHYC-D

Samuel Vasquez: Sam’s on Track

Samuel Vasquez was CYCA’s 2011 Corpsmember of the Year. At the awards ceremony, Sam gave the audience insight into the seemingly insurmountable challenges that he has overcome, and how Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) and his little brother helped him succeed. Through leadership and outstanding worth ethic, Sam, a 21-year-old Colorado native, has served as an exceptional role model to his peers throughout his two terms of services in the Corps.

Brendon Tiffany: At Home at RYMC

Brendon Tiffany, a 17 year old from Silt, was totally new to conservation work when he arrived for his two week session at Rocky Mountain Youth Corps in 2016. He joined a half-size crew of 5 members and jumped right into the first project – difficult fence work in a remote area of the Roan Plateau in Garfield County. Though quiet and reserved the first few days, Brandon demonstrated a steadfast work ethic and quickly became a role model among his peers. At the closing circle of his first session, Brendon expressed that he felt at home at RMYC.