Serve and Learn Model

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Engaging young people and veterans in service and education

Youth corps engage their participants on conservation service projects approximately 80% of each week, while the remaining 20% of time is dedicated to education activities, including environmental education as well as the building of leadership skills, basic work skills and basic living skills.

More than 20 years of research confirms the positive impact that youth corps have on the lives of their participants. See our Research page for details.

Education: Youth corps teach job-readiness and leadership skills with the goal of creating productive young citizens ready for the workforce. While in a corps, a member can receive high school or college credits or prepare to take his/her GED. A member is also eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award ranging from $1,175 to $5,550 for college or trade school, or to pay back student loans.

Service: Youth corps offer seasonal and year-round opportunities to young people who have a desire to serve Colorado communities. Members receive a living stipend or a wage, gain technical training and experience, and develop the skills needed to be economically self-sufficient. Youth corps prepare our state’s young people and military veterans for a competitive workforce.

Lifeskills: Corpsmembers learn skills that enable them to deal with the challenges of everyday life. Part of every day is spent in groups learning job-readiness, money-management, independent living, and organizational and leadership skills.