Veteran Green Corps

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If you are a military veteran and are looking to jumpstart a civilian career, extend your service to the nation, or continue to work with other veterans, we may have opportunities for you. If you are a public land agency and would like to know more about engaging veterans, we can help.

Many CYCA-accredited youth corps also operate Veteran Conservation Green Corps crews. CYCA also has opportunities for veterans to serve as public lands interns.

Veteran Green Corps crews are made up of recently returned Iraq an Afghanistan Veterans who are seeking job training and education, especially related to natural resources and fire management careers. These crews operate similarly to traditional youth conservation corps crews. See What Sponsors Need to Know for more information.

Most Veteran Green Corps crews are deployed on fire mitigation, beetle kill mitigation or other fire-related projects. However, they can also complete habitat restoration, riparian restoration, and recreation infrastructure projects. In some cases, Veteran Conservation Corps members may be eligible for increased pay while deployed to fight fires.

Veteran Green Corps Crew Costs

Rates per week FY 2014-15
Veteran Conservation Corps Crews $10,000*

*Note: Projects that are managed by CYCA will include a CYCA fee, typically 12% in addition to the fee listed, above. See CYCA’s Role in Projects.

Agency Costs for Veteran Interns

Veteran internships are structured similarly to CYCA’s young adult Internship Partnership Program. Go to the Internship Partnership Program page for details.

Term/Type Agency Cost FY 2014-15
900-hour veteran intern $20,000