The Colorado Youth Corps Association (CYCA) fosters excellence in corps programming across Colorado through annual accreditation

Download the Accreditation ReportEach year, CYCA oversees a comprehensive accreditation process to ensure corps programs provide high-quality programming to participants and project partners. Our system and standards have helped guide accreditation models around Colorado, and the country.

Two out of three years CYCA corps complete an annual assessment that covers their member engagement, risk management, and financial standing.

One out of three years each corps hosts a Peer Review Committee, consisting of senior leaders from Colorado corps, for a full-day comprehensive site visit. They meet and interview corps staff, review financial documents, tour facilities, and evaluate organizational performance and impact. These peer visits both assure excellence in corps programming and foster collaboration among corps.

The CYCA Board of Directors reviews the findings and recommendations from each Peer Review Committee and confers accreditation status for the next year.

CYCA is not currently soliciting additional members of the Association at this time