Prior to beginning her service with Southwest Conservation Corps – Four Corners, Amanda Grams-Martinez was working a stagnant retail job, feeling unmotivated and wanting more. She was not reaching her full potential and decided to make a change. Amanda jumped at the opportunity to join a chainsaw crew with the corps!  She has now served for two seasons, excelling as a natural leader on her crew while perfecting her technical skills.  Amanda’s work ethic is astonishing and her positive attitude is contagious within the crew, the organization, and the entire community.  “Her professionalism and leadership is unmatched,” praised James Parker, her crew leader.  “Her ability on the saw and her knowledge of corps life has been a huge asset in developing our crew.”


Her time in the corps world has allowed Amanda to find her passion and motivation in life:  protecting and fighting for our public lands.  She worked side-by-side with the U.S. Forest Service to learn about forest management and why it’s more important than ever to make a positive impact in her community. Amanda plans to build upon the new skills she has learned with Southwest Conservation Corps – Four Corners and pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology. She hopes to help animals adapt to our changing climate.  “Amanda has shown what it truly means to serve,” said Lisa Slupianek, Program Coordinator with Southwest Conservation Corps.  “She came in with zero corps experience, yet quickly emerged as a leader. She holds herself and her crew to a high standard, and makes everyone around her better.”