Mile High Youth Corps – Southern Front Range (MHYC-SFR) is pleased to present Jacob Rogers as our 2018 Corpsmember of the Year.  Before joining the corps world, Jacob felt a bit lost. He had dropped out of college and was jumping from job to job. When he found MHYC-SFR, he knew immediately that it was a good fit.

He spent his first season with a backpacking crew restoring an eroded creek habitat of the threatened Greenback Cutthroat Trout. During that time, he kept a positive attitude through inclement weather, unexpected wildlife encounters, and countless miles hiked. He brought a strong work ethic and infectious enthusiasm to every project.  He also brought extra supplies and special food to lift everyone’s spirits, a gesture that his crews always loved. Lovingly nicknamed “JubJub”, he took the time and extra effort to build relationships with each individual he encountered.

A natural leader, Jacob also took initiative and often volunteered for the toughest of tasks. “He pushes me to work harder and be an all-around better person,” one fellow crew member said. Jacob feels like this experience has helped him gain a greater understanding of the outdoors, develop a new sense of confidence, build lifelong friendships, and build a competitive skill-set.

Jacob is continuing his service with MHYC-SFR on their intensive Winter Fire Crew, and his future plans include becoming a park ranger or joining a search and rescue team.  When reflecting back on his corps experience, Jacob noted that his service is “a great way to find yourself and to really know other people…I learned how to take charge on my own and what a good leader really is.  I learned what people respond to.”  Jacob’s contributions to the community are incredibly impressive and it is certain he will continue to spread his passion and positivity through all his future endeavors.