It is with great pride that the Boulder County Youth Corps recognizes Linlee Morrison as the 2018 Corpsmember of the Year. Linlee is an 18-year old Longmont resident who is studying electrical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

Linlee began this season, her third with the corps, as a corpsmember.  Mid-season when there was a need for an Assistant Team Leader (ATL), Linlee was promoted and rose to the challenge.  Her new Team Leader pointed to her maturity and even-keeled personality: combined with the outstanding work skills she had gained in her previous seasons, these traits helped her successfully provide leadership for her new team.

Linlee’s first important task as an ATL was getting to know her new teammates.  Her Team Leader noted that she immediately projected maturity and authority which led to her success in integrating into the team dynamic.  Linlee’s background in robotics and pre-engineering experience in high school also provided her with well-developed project management skills.  Linlee highlighted in her final evaluation that she learned how to delegate responsibilities and became more assertive guiding her Corpsmembers as the season progressed.

Linlee considers her terms with Boulder County Youth Corps as one of the most impactful activities of her time in high school.  She had the chance “to spend the summer with a wonderful group of people, meet some amazing role models, go to beautiful places I never would have known about otherwise, and learn a lot about open space and its conservation and management.”

Boulder County Youth Crops is very proud of Linlee and her accomplishments, and hope that she will continue on in the corps for many seasons to come!