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The purpose of CYCA’s Internship Placement Program is to 1) offer youth corps graduates, other young people, and military veterans the opportunity for real world work experience; 2) encourage youth and young adults to consider or advance their careers or education in natural resources; and 3) expand the “leadership ladder” so that young people can extend their service, education, and training. In sum, the internship program provides young people an essential link between their corps service, other natural resources experience or education, and a career in natural resources.

For a list of current Internship openings, go to our Online Job Portal

Interns are recruited jointly by the youth corps and agency staff. Once hired, the interns are officially employed by the youth corps but are under the direct daily supervision of an agency staff person. Interns are typically paid $10-$13/hour or are offered an equivalent stipend. Compensation can vary depending on the position and length of term.

Upon successful completion of an internship, interns may be eligible for consideration in the Pathways to Federal Employment program, or seasonal or regular employment with an agency. Additionally, interns may be able to earn college credit through a partnership with a college or university.

CYCA currently has a Memorandum of Understanding with Western State Colorado University to offer credit for youth corps members and interns. For more information on this WSCU partnership, go to Higher Education Partnerships.

The Internship Placement Program provides agencies with a streamlined method for engaging young people and military veterans on specific, time-limited projects while simultaneously assessing and coaching new talent.

Mutual Benefits:

  • Agencies do not have to assume the administrative burden of recruitment, interviewing, or hiring.
  • Local colleges and universities benefit by expanding their internship/education offerings and relationships with local employers.
  • Youth corps and other youth-serving non-profits benefit by expanding their job-placement options for participants.
  • All entities benefit from the increased involvement of capable young people and veterans in natural and cultural resource management fields, thereby laying the groundwork for the future workforce in these areas.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Agency staff work collaboratively with youth corps staff to recruit and interview interns candidates.
  • Agency provides the funds to CYCA through an assistance agreement (see cost schedule, below).
  • Youth corps employ, compensate, and provide applicable insurance coverage for the interns.
  • Agency staff supervise the interns on a day-to-day basis and provide them with ongoing feedback, coaching and mentoring. Agency staff provide a final evaluation for each intern.
  • Youth corps staff provides occasional oversight and final program reporting.

Length of Terms and Compensation

Interns generally earn $10 to $13 per hour, or an equivalent living stipend. Agency staff, in collaboration with the youth corps, should determine the compensation and hours based on the nature of the work, minimum qualifications, and whether the position is college or technical track. Interns can work part- or full-time based on an agency’s needs and the interns’ educational commitments.

Agency Costs

Term/Type Agency CostFY 2014-15
450-hour young adult intern $8,830
900-hour young adult intern $17,500
900-hour veteran intern $20,000

Note that other terms of service and costs can be customized based on an agency’s needs. Additionally, extensions to these terms are available.

Types of Positions

CYCA, in collaboration with youth corps, colleges, and universities, have successfully placed the following types of interns and will consider other positions, as well:

  • Biological Science Aid/Technician Intern
  • Budget Office Assistant
  • Cadastral Survey Intern
  • Community Planning
  • Computer Assistant
  • Computer Clerk Intern
  • Fire Management Intern
  • Hydrology Tech Intern
  • Inventory Management Intern
  • Maintenance & Landscaping Intern
  • Minerals Surface Intern
  • Mining & Wetland Intern
  • Paleontology Intern
  • Park Ranger Intern
  • Range Tech and/or Bio Tech Intern
  • Recreation Intern
  • Recreation Intern – Travel Management
  • Travel Management Intern
  • Visitor Services & Recreation Asst. Intern
  • Wildlife Intern

For more information about current Intern openings, go to our Online Job Portal or contact Scott Segerstrom (email or 303-863-0604) for the corps that serves your area.