Consider supporting CYCA with a Donation. For every $1 received, CYCA passes through $4 to Colorado Youth Corps. Your money has 4x the Giving Power. Support CYCA and Give Where You Live… and Hike!

Support Youth Corps by Hiring a Corps.

Support Youth Corps by Joining!

Your support can help us in the following ways.

Operational Support

CYCA generates $4 in direct support to youth corps for every $1 donated to CYCA.  By supporting CYCA directly through an operational gift, you can make a significant investment in and impact on the number of young people and military veterans that youth corps engage and train on stewardship projects statewide.

Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorship allows you to display your organization’s values, interest in Colorado’s outdoors and natural resources, and support for our state’s young people and veterans to a broad audience of decision makers and elected officials.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Peak Sponsor $1,000
  • Overlook Sponsor $500
  • Trailhead Sponsor $250

 Program Support

  • Careers in Natural Resources Initiative – Support this statewide initiative to inspire, train, and educate young people to choose natural resource careers and help natural resource agencies and higher education institutions to effectively attract and engage the next generation workforce.  This initiative focuses on middle school students through graduate school students, particularly non-traditional candidates.
  • National Conservation Lands – Fund a crew of young people or military veterans to conduct critical conservation projects on these lands of national importance that protect our nation’s natural, cultural and scientific treasures. For more information, visit the National Conservation Lands website.
  • Public Lands Projects – Fund a crew of young people or military veterans to conduct critical conservation projects on lands important to you and your company such as a State Park or Wildlife Area, local park, or open space property.
  • Energy and Water Projects – Fund a crew of young people or military veterans to conduct critical energy efficiency, weatherization and water conservation projects in the homes of low-income Coloradans.

Additional Opportunities

  • Website sponsorship – Garner visibility for your organization by sponsoring a page of our website – the “Our Impacts”, “Our Projects”, and “Careers in Natural Resources” pages offer great opportunities for sponsorship.
  • Co-branding – CYCA can discuss co-branding and marketing opportunities customized to your organization and mission.
  • Workplace giving – CYCA is a member of Community Shares of Colorado and can help you implement an efficient workplace giving program that allows employees to give incrementally through paycheck withdraw to the charities they care about most.
  • Board membership – CYCA seeks board candidates to represent specific industries and geographic areas and who have skills that can help guide our organization.
  • In-kind donations – CYCA is interested in securing in-kind donations of outdoor gear, technology, or project equipment for corpsmembers and crews.

Get to Know Us

  • Presentations – Colorado Youth Corps Association staff are available to speak with your organization’s CEO, corporate partnership staff, and employees about our mission and ways to support youth corps.
  • Join us at an event – Send your contact information to Nancy Weil at NWeil [at] or call 303-863-0603. She can add you to our master invitation list if you choose.
  • Visit a crew – To see a youth corps in action, contact Scott Segerstrom at SSegerstrom [at] or 303-863-0604.
  • Great stories – Learn about the impact youth corps have on our state, youth, young adults, and veterans by signing up for our monthly e-news letter, The Corps Report, Liking us on Facebook, or Following us on Twitter.

Thank You

Individuals, corporations, and foundations are important partners that help advance the youth conservation corps movement in our state. They provide important financial support as well as opportunities for CYCA to reach new audiences and create new champions for our mission. Whether through volunteer leadership, crew sponsorship or operating support for CYCA, you can easily demonstrate your commitment to Colorado’s young people, their future and the future of Colorado’s natural resources